Some Love Changes Everything

Some Love Changes Everything

As moms, as creators of greeting cards for the adoption journey, we have read a lot about adoption. The beautiful and the difficult. The spot on and the vastly misunderstood. When we read an article so encompassing, illuminating, and compassionate, we want to share.

This article by writer Sarah Sentilles was featured in One Story to Read Today as a must-read from The Atlantic. Sarah writes about how adopting her son changed her understanding of family and of love. She writes of things those traveling the adoption journey know so well, like "trust the timing" and "surrender." 

Sarah speaks of meeting a radiant birth mom, capturing the nervousness, the profoundness. She shares the experience of being chosen, of saying yes. The serendipity and the wonder.

What we really love is how Sarah speaks of the relationship with the mother of the baby boy who became her son. Sarah shows such empathy for a mother who has to "say hello and goodbye all at once."

Sarah illustrates how two mothers came to know one another and always would. How families can become family. How there is room for all in this kind of love. 

Knowing this love, Sarah says (and we agree), changes everything.

Read Sarah's article here: Strangers Can Become Family