Photograph of a collection standing cards with messages for celebrating National Adoption Month.

Shining the Love: National Adoption Month

When we set out to create a line of greeting cards, we were two adoptive moms and professional creatives who wanted to bring beauty, compassion and connection to the adoption conversation. From our first idea sessions in cool coffee shops around Tampa Bay, giving back was a part of our story. At launch, this past February, our first collection of adoption greeting cards featured a Bright Heart Card, with a portion of proceeds going to support kids in foster care. One Bright Heart Card was only the beginning.

Giving back was always a part of our story.

November is National Adoption Month, a time to celebrate adoption and raise awareness of the children in foster care waiting for forever families. Our coffee shop sessions are on zoom now, but our thoughts are in the same place. Thinking of the families who know adoption in a special way. Thinking of the 400,000+ kids in foster care, some who may grow up without knowing the love of family. What if every heart connected to adoption or fostering got a little love? What if every card gave back to kids in foster care all month long? This November, every Adoptionly Yours card is a Bright Heart Card. $1 from any card sold goes to Together We Rise, a national nonprofit improving the lives of kids in foster care across the nation in tangible, meaningful ways. 

$1 from every card goes to care for kids in foster care.

On November 1, Tiny Type Studios released 40 new cards for celebrating adoption, encouraging foster parents, acknowledging caseworkers and more. There are more than 100 million families connected to adoption and foster care in the United States, and sending a card across the country or slipping one under the door down the hall is a tiny act of love that makes a big difference. Couldn't we all use a little more love right now?

Adoptionly Yours released 40 new cards on Nov. 1.

Remind an adoptive family how beautiful love can be... make an adoptee (of any age) feel cherished... encourage a foster parent... find the words to tell a birth mom how much she matters... thank a caseworker for bringing your family together, and more. Adoptionly Yours has all the cards for all the feels. Let's get that love shining far and bright, and give a little back to care for kids this National Adoption Month.

National Adoption Month 2020. Let's shine the love!


Gotcha Day onesie with two Gotcha Day Greeting Cards arranged on top. Both cards say "Happy Gotcha Day" one features a girl on a whale, the other shows balloons over a striped background.

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An Honestly Beautiful Conversation